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RamaK asked

New SDK and Python 3.6 Progressive response Sample Code

Hi All,

Can some one help me on - Progressive response using new sdk with python 3.6.

here is my sample code - but i am not aware how to create directive

def _progressive_response_(handler_input): 
#Call Alexa Directive Service. 
    requestEnvelope = handler_input.request_envelope

    directiveServiceClient = handler_input.service_client_factory.get_directive_service()

    requestId = requestEnvelope.request.request_id
 endpoint = handler_input.request_envelope.context.system.api_endpoint 
    accessToken = handler_input.request_envelope.context.system.api_access_token 
# main problem for me here - how to generate directive object for progressive response ( i am new to python)
directive = (
         header = {
        directive = {
            'type' : 'VoicePlayer.Speak',
            'speech' : 'your request is in progress please wait for few secs'

    #send directive 
    return directiveServiceClient.enqueue(directive,endpoint,accessToken)



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1 Answer

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roy-1 answered

Hi Rama,
Thanks for posting. Please see the following code snippet for using the Progressive Response API with the ASK SDK for Python (Beta):

from ask_sdk_core.skill_builder import CustomSkillBuilder
from ask_sdk_core.api_client import DefaultApiClient
from import (
    SendDirectiveRequest, Header, SpeakDirective)
from ask_sdk_core.handler_input import HandlerInput
from ask_sdk_model.response import Response
import time
sb = CustomSkillBuilder(api_client=DefaultApiClient())
class HelloWorldIntentHandler(AbstractRequestHandler):
    # Handler for Hello World Intent
    def can_handle(self, handler_input):
        # type: (HandlerInput) -> bool
        return is_intent_name("HelloWorldIntent")(handler_input)
    def handle(self, handler_input):
        # type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
        speech_text = "Hello World!"
        request_id_holder = handler_input.request_envelope.request.request_id
        directive_header = Header(request_id=request_id_holder)
        speech = SpeakDirective(speech="Ok, give me a minute")
        directive_request = SendDirectiveRequest(
        header=directive_header, directive=speech)
        directive_service_client = handler_input.service_client_factory.get_directive_service()
        # Adding a 5 second sleep for testing
            SimpleCard("Hello World", speech_text)).set_should_end_session(
        return handler_input.response_builder.response

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Sameer Mahajan avatar image Sameer Mahajan commented ·

Thanks for the post. I think you are missing

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When I try this I get an error during the response. The log shows something like:

[ERROR] DispatchException: Unable to find a suitable request handler
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/task/ask_sdk_core/", line 109, in wrapper
request_envelope=request_envelope, context=context)
File "/var/task/ask_sdk_core/", line 199, in invoke
File "/var/task/ask_sdk_runtime/", line 130, in dispatch
raise e
File "/var/task/ask_sdk_runtime/", line 118, in dispatch
output = self.__dispatch_request(handler_input) # type: Union[Output, None]
File "/var/task/ask_sdk_runtime/", line 165, in __dispatch_request
"Unable to find a suitable request handler")

any ideas?

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Sameer Mahajan avatar image Sameer Mahajan newuser-3329e962-c968-43dc-b24a-ea35ec6537eb commented ·

It must be because of the lambda timeout that you are hitting. Try increasing the timeout value.

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