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Session reset after purchase

Why new session is being started after product purchase?
This does not make sense for maintaining "seamless user experience", session attributes should be preserved after purchase so the skill could continue where it left off when the user decided to make a purchase and not start from scratch.
I guess we could use persistent attributes to recover, but it just complicates things over nothing.

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On the same note, upsell directive is not handling simple requests from user well:

After sending upsell directive, and Alexa presents the product, if the user says "repeat", Alexa says "Sorry, there is nothing to repeat." and ends the session. This should be fixed.

If the user says "help" in the middle of upsell, Alexa says "For Help, please visit the help pages on the Amazon web site." and ends session as well.

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Thanks very much. These two are good feedback, I will pass it to internal product team to enhance it.

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