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Question about CanFulfillIntentRequest response schemas

I noticed that there should be two types of response when user started a Name-free interaction and there are multiple skills that could response to this question:

type 1. Alexa response: "I think XXX skill could help you"/ "would you like to give XXX skill a try?"

type 2.Alexa just give the answer to user's question/command.

The thing is, it's hard to tell type2 from built-in intent. Do we really have type 2?

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When Alexa receives a request from a customer without a skill name, such as "Alexa, play relaxing sounds with crickets," Alexa looks for skills that might fulfill the request. Alexa determines the best choice among eligible skills and hands the request to the skill.

To imake your skill more discoverable for name-free interaction, you can implement the the CanFulfillIntentRequest interface in your skill. See Implement CanFulfillIntentRequest for Name-free Interaction.

You need to go to developer, under Custom tab, and select "Interfaces", then toggle the CanFulfillIntentRequest. It has the instruction from canFulfillIntent tech doc, too.

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I don't think this very well answered @NewUser-3e8a490c-9727-47da-bfc8-66018cf67821's question. I think the first way is when multiple skills answer yes to the query and Alexa provides options for skills. I have been able to invoke this quite a bit. The second one should actually never happen. Amazon clearly states that the type CanFulfillIntentRequest should only return a "YES" "NO" or "MAYBE" without changing the state of the application. or actually responding just yet. The user needs to agree to either enable the app or at least invoke the skill before actually executing an intent. KAIYIN@AMAZON.COM please let me know if I am mistaken here and answer my post at at your earliest convenience

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KAIYIN@AMAZON.COM avatar image KAIYIN@AMAZON.COM JeffreQuest commented ·

That's a good point, we are asking internal team about the exact answer for this scenario, will update it here once we get the confirmation.

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