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Can I have an utterance with only slot in it?

I want to define an intent that has an utterance of only the slot.e.g. I defined a slot empid of type AMAZON.NUMBER and specified only


as a sample utterance of my intent. The model does not give any error, gets saved and build fine. However it does not match the content when I specify / speak out only a number. In fact it matches some other intent for which the only sample utterances that I have specified are 'sure' and 'yes'. Any ideas?

I believe it used to work a year ago.

I came across: which doesn't have any concluding working solution.

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How are you testing this? With the skill simulator or a real device?

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i am having exactly the same issue!

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I think a workaround is to have at least one other sample utterance. Otherwise' I'd suggest posting it as a request over here.

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i have opened a support case few days back but it has not been answered so far (5183088331). Here is the skill id for the skill having this problem:


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