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Technote: Updating In-App Purchasing Library within Unity In-App Purchasing

With the release of our latest bugfix release of the In-App Purchasing SDK v 1.0, it will allow for you to be able to use our SDK Tester and sandbox mode on a device running Android 5.0. We have resolved this issue as a part of our In-App Purchasing SDK version 1.0.20 , as our Unity plugin is built using 1.0.3 ,here are the steps to update the SDK within a Unity project to the latest. First create your Unity project if you haven’t done so already, and import the In-App Purchasing SDK from the Assets Menu, select Import Package and then Custom Package. The Unity plugin is located under: Apps-SDK ▸ Android ▸ InAppPurchasing ▸ PreviousVersions ▸ 1.0 ▸plugins ▸ unity After Importing our In-App Purchasing Plugin, there will be a in-app-purchasing-1.0.3.jar file under Assets▸ Plugins ▸ Android. Please remove that file, as we will be replacing that with the latest In-App purchasing jar. So in a separate file browser(Explorer/Finder depending on your platform) , go to the following directory: Apps-SDK ▸ Android ▸ InAppPurchasing ▸ PreviousVersions ▸ 1.0 ▸libs Drag the in-app-purchasing-1.0.20.jar file from your file browser into your Unity project under Assets▸ Plugins ▸ Android. Once that process is complete, you now have updated the In-App Purchasing Plugin for Unity within your project to the latest version. After doing this, you would still need to make the changes to the AndroidManifest.xml file, which would be taken care of by going to the Amazon menu that is created in Unity when our plugin is imported. There is a “Generate AndroidManifest.xml” file which you will have to run prior to accessing In-App Purchasing, as that will add the ResponseReceiver that allows for In-App Purchasing to communicate with your game using either the SDK tester or the Amazon Appstore client when your app is in production. For more information on how to use our In-App Purchasing Unity Plugin, please refer to our documentation at:
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