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purchasing of sku works with tester app, not with live testing (v2 api)

hi, i have an app with 2 in-app subscriptions A and B with parent skus and B. each subscription has a child sku for the 1 month duration of the subscription: and the purchases are active and submitted as they were already used in a previous version of the app (that used v1 api). i'm now using the v2 api. when i use the sdk tester (with the json file generated from the portal), everything works fine. when i use the live testing, i can retrieve product information for,, and, but not for it is returned in the list of unavailable skus. i also can't purchase the B subscription as i have to purchase the child sku. is this a live testing bug that is known? can i submit my app and be assured it will work correctly like in the sdk tester environment? another thing that i find confusing is that when you make a purchase with the child sku, it returns the parent sku on the success call instead of the child sku. is this a specification? hope to get some help as we currently have an app in the store where the subscriptions aren't working... thanks
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