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Cards are not rendering within the Alexa app on button inputs

I'm currently creating an echo button game. Alexa asks "Player 1" to press their button to start the game. After handling this button press it goes on to trigger a function called "AskQuestion" which produces a speech output, an echo screen template, and a card (to be displayed within the alexa app). The problem is the card is never displayed, but everything else works fine. Checking console logs I can see the response object does in fact contain the JSON to produce a card. It just never materialises.

Continuing on, a player then buzzes in to answer the question. I handle the button input and produce a message via Alexa asking the user for their answer. They say their answer and it's checked whether or not it is correct and a relevant message is built. It then goes to the function "AskQuestion" to produce the next question. This time everything works fine. The speech output, echo screen template and the card are rendered.

The only difference between the two scenarios above was that the "AskQuestion" function was invoked by two different ways, one by the user giving an input by pressing the button and the other by the user giving an input by voice.

Is this expected behaviour? Can a card not be produced if the input has come from an echo button rather than through voice?

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Hi @FaisalV, I'm able to reproduce the behavior and opened a ticket with the Dev Team for clarification. I'll update this post as soon as I hear anything.

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Hi thanks for reporting the issue to the dev team. Has there been any feedback on when this might be resolved?

The issue also happens when the "timeout" event is triggered. A card is unable to be produced in the same manner as decribed in the original issue after a timeout is triggered. In this particular case I can't get a user to use their voice as input, as I could with starting the game as it ruins the voice experience and flow of the game.

For users without a screen display my skill/game relies on producing the card to give them information through an image. Due to this reason my game has failed certification as a card is not produced for the echo or echo dot in the instance described with the "timeout" event. This is however not an issue I can resolve myself so I'm unable to publish my skill, which is a shame after the amount of effort that has gone into building it.

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Sorry for the delay. I found out that docs were incorrect and displaying Cards in the Alexa App is currently not supported. The Dev Team has added it to the backlog to implement and we've updated the Docs to reflect the correct behavior.

Since users might not have access to the Alexa App when using a device w/o a screen is there another way to present the information via voice?

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