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Would it be safe to store Entitlement/Consumable records with Whispersync?

I've been looking over the samples, and they suggest storing delivery records (like whether a consumable was already delivered or entitlement granted) inside of an SQLite database. Seems reasonable, but seeing as I already have Whispersync implemented in my game it would probably be easier to just store that information there. For example, I could just do something like if(GameDataMap.getLatestNumber("MyEntitlementSKU") == 1) //Delivered! else //Not delivered! Whispersync's device synchronization feature would be a bit redundant here since IAP2.0 would end up doing the same thing anyways, but having things stored in Whispersync would save me the trouble of having to deal with a separate SQLite database, and I'd be able to leverage existing code. My question is, would doing this be a good idea, unsafe, or just not recommended? The available documentation for IAP2.0 isn't very detailed.
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Hello A. , It is certainly safe, and recommended to story consumable information using our Whispersync API we discuss this as being a best practice in our GameCircle API documentation at : . For Entitlements this shouldn't be required and would be potentially harmful to your app's design as entitlements are synchronized every time the user starts their app, as we would document at : Since entitlements can be revoked, we would recommend against caching their state using Whispersync, however for consumables this would be a recommended experience. Hopefully this answers your questions.
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