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What setup need to be done for new issues published?

Hi I have just created app and in-app purchases for my magazine. Now pending for review. I am wondering once the app in approved, what set up do I need to do to make new issues available at amazon appstore? For Google play, I need to create new in app products under 'managed products' tab. Do I need to do something similar for Amazon appstore?
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Hi there, I just responded to your YUMA case, but I will reply with something similar here: The process is roughly similar to the Google Play Store in terms of the different in-app products you can create and make available. However, if you upload the same .apk that you are using in the Google Play store, this will most likely not work as you need to set up your app with the Amazon IAP system. You can do this in your developer console. Once your items are published, you can use your chosen product ID (which could coincidentally be the same as your Google Play version), and call the purchase function within your app. For more information, see here: The 3 main types of items available are as follows: - Consumables: Purchase that is made, then consumed within the app, such as extra lives, extra moves, or in-game currency. May be purchased multiple times. - Entitlements: One-time purchase to unlock access to features or content within an app or game. - Subscriptions: Offers access to a premium set of content or features for a limited period of time. For more information, see below: In terms of delivery of your product, it really is up to you how you deliver this (specifically, the magazine issues). For example, you could create a subscription IAP that only lets those subscribed see the new content you may deliver in each update. Thanks, Jamie
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