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Troubles publishing and managing PC&Mac App

Hi, I am confused with the submission process of a PC&Mac App we are trying to solve. 1. We have the same product under dashboard and apps and services tab, however on the apps and services under "version" it says "failed" - what does it mean and why does it fail? On the other hand I got a answer for my case that you have already published one detail page PC Version and it is available here . What is it all about and how can I check if my submission was approved and published (under what URL?) 2. We want to sell this product by selling an activation code. Is it possible only in US? (in the application process it does not state that, however when I wanted to but a code of I got a message that it is available only for US customers. I'd highly appreciate if someone could help me out and explain how the submission works. Greg Marketing Manager Vertabelo
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