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APP approved but won't go live. Not one app but about 20!

This will answer a lot of frustration emails for everyone. I have been selling apps on Amazon for 6 moths. By far the worst platform out there. I have been completely discriminated against! The reviewers of my apps have pulled them for no reason. I sell guides and games very similar to about 25 other developers yet I am THE ONLY ONE getting pulled for no reason. I don't get explanations. I also don't get any where with these problems. Let me explain a little further! I have called customer support about 45 times. I have spoken to everyone who works in any existing department on US, and 3 other countries soil. No one can communicate with these people who are screwing developers over left and right! I have opened over 150 cases, which oh yeah never gets a response back from. I summit about 5 apps at a time and only one makes it on to the kindle so please explain that one. They are completely segregating against developer with this" we choose what is a good fit for the app store and would be a good seller experience" oh really? It's good enough to be approved but it's not good enough to put on sale. Please explain this to me. I sell on every platform out there and this is the garbage treatment of amazon? I have 45 apps that are live on the website. Look great, passed testing with flying colors, but only 9 of them are actually for sale on kindles. WHAT A JOKE!! This right that Amazon claims they have is seller discrimination. If you are having the same issue please let me know and I can have my lawyer contact you because this is illegal on so many fronts. I HAVE BEEN HAVING ISSUES WITH AMAZON FOR OVER 3 MONTHS SO JUST TO LET YOU KNOW YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONES!
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We review each app individually for Kindle Fire Tablets. We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each app, including the quality of experience the app offers on Kindle Fire Tablets and compatibility with the device. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling assortment to Kindle Fire Tablet customers, not all apps available through Amazon Apps are currently available on Kindle Fire Tablets.
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