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ADM send message response {"Message":null}

Hello, I am using the following Java code to send ADM push notifications with the help of Jetty HTTP client:

// this string is POSTed to ADM server
public String toAdmBody() {
    Map<String, Object> root = new HashMap<>();
    Map<String, String> data = new HashMap<>();
    root.put("data", data);
    data.put("body", "Alexander: test 42");
    // ADM does not accept integers for some reason
    data.put("gid", String.valueOf(42));
    return JSON.toString(root);

private void postMessage(String registrationId, int uid, String jsonStr) {
    mHttpClient.POST(String.format("$s/messages", registrationId))
        .header(HttpHeader.ACCEPT, "application/json")
        .header(HttpHeader.CONTENT_TYPE, "application/json")
        .header(HttpHeader.AUTHORIZATION, "Bearer " + mAccessToken)
        .header("X-Amzn-Type-Version", "")
        .header("X-Amzn-Accept-Type", "")
        // add registrationID and notification body - for retrying after fetching token
        .attribute("registrationId", registrationId)
        .attribute("body", jsonStr)
        .content(new StringContentProvider(jsonStr))

And while the code worked for me every time in February, returning ADM backend responses like the following one -

adm message success (200): {"registrationID":"amzn1.adm-registration.v3.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"}

It has stopped working now and I keep getting (here you see more of my logs, including fetching the access token)

adm postMessage: 1185 <- {"data":{"gid":"691","body":"Alexander: test 4"}}
adm postToken: remaining tries=3 url= body=grant_type=client_credentials&scope=messaging:push&client_id=amzn1.application-oa2-client.b387f1af3ffe490ca3657e9b07b79bea&client_secret=05xxxxxxxxxx026
adm token success: {"access_token":"Atc|MQEBINxiq6HtYYEgZK3GfXqFoLi0zGTBv_04srjVb6sugTzxdFkuawi-DuOxd-p-8oA3mWp4Xm5BXXfsCTFGhjZMzR8C7PxAOi34XmPSsqIDD20m961HI5K8zV6Szu5E_buzkykvEdt_QmPmAPvEaB1Cg_qr6mjrqA8hRX71UeQjoZkxV3gkKXb6BIDgFxaIhBuuUK5pP-H_s5tdkaRT4G_e1OS7x-Hr_emLw3kIrR8q7jygPx9og8eVwYJ6NZ4sZ4br0E1djC9rtKdeo0Nf51BjRbS_3wH70zINfIfMEK8PKitw7A","scope":"messaging:push","token_type":"bearer","expires_in":3600}
adm message success (200): {"Message":null}

My app is published at

Please help

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Looking into it...

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Hi Alexander,

ADM is supposed to either send 200 with a registration ID, or error code with a reason:

Can you please provide us with the ADM registrationId and time range where you send a message to this registration Id and get 200 response with {"Message":null}? If you'd rather not post that info on this public forum, then login to your Dev Portal account, use the "Contact Us" form, and provide that additional info, along with your app name / ID, and the URL to this forum post for context, and we will investigate. Thanks!

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