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Submission of Multiple Binaries

Hello, Can anyone provide advice regarding the submission of multiple binaries to Amazon? 1. Upload Primary Binary 2. Create Primary submission for App that supports non-amazon hardware. 3. Save and add New Binary 4. Upload secondary binary to Amazon 5. Select Device Support for 2nd Generation devices 6. Select Export compliance so its ticked. 7. Click Save and add a binary after waiting for the file to upload and be ingested by Amazon 7. Binary file reports it is a required field. Binary file is named as requested and delivered via SFTP. I am unable to add a second binary, is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help provided.
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Hi Ripstone, The Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal interface has been updated to allow for multi-binary capability. If you are uploading a binary larger than 30MB, be sure to follow the FTP naming convention instructions below. Build the APK name as follows: The first element is your appID, ex: M3RRPI3Z18JUMV (This will stay the same for this app, and is NOT your appName.) The second part is your binary alias, ex: Binary1 (You can have multiple binary aliases each targeting a different device.) Ex: M3RRPI3Z18JUMV-Binary1.apk, M3RRPI3Z18JUMV-Binary2.apk, M3RRPI3Z18JUMV-Binary3.apk, M3RRPI3Z18JUMV-Binary4.apk The FTP server will associate your uploaded binary or binaries with your appID. You will still need to edit each binary for device type, etc., after they have been uploaded. Note: If you currently have all hardware targeting options selected with the binary/binaries you have previously uploaded for an app update, step through your existing uploaded binaries for the update, and adjust your device targeting per binary so that the APK can target a device type. You should receive an e-mail indicating that you have successfully uploaded and associated your APKs with your app. Most errors are the result of improper naming conventions. When you go to the Distribution Portal and select your App/Binary tab, you should see your binary/binaries listed at the top of the edit page. Select your first binary, select EDIT at the bottom of the screen and choose the appropriate Device Support settings for each binary. Note: No two APKs can target the same device type. However, a single APK target may target any number of device types. Be sure to click Save. If this information doesn't help you resolve your issue you are supposed to file a ContactUs( from your developer account so that we can help you on the specific issue. Thanks.
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