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App rejected on review due to force closing

We have recently submitted an app for publication in the App Store, but during the review phase, the app failed, suffering force closes shortly after being launched. The app seems to successfully pass the automated App Testing Service and the problem is I can't reproduce this problem on the development environment and the info is too vague. Searching on the forums I found another developer who had a similar problem (, and like him, we are also using third-party API's. Is it always the case that for each app using such API's it's necessary to ask Amazon for permission to upload unsigned binaries? Or maybe our problem is a different one. In any case, if possible we would appreciate if we had access to logs which would greatly help us to correctly diagnose this problem. Thanks in advance.
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Hi LivoBooks, I checked your app. In your case, the crash was caused by a NumberFormatException in your ItemDataResponse handler ( FATAL EXCEPTION: main java.lang.NumberFormatException: Invalid float: "$3.99" at java.lang.StringToReal.invalidReal( at java.lang.StringToReal.parseFloat( at java.lang.Float.parseFloat( It looks like you're trying to parse an IAP item price into a float. Please note that getPrice() returns the localized price of the item as a String. The price will include the currency symbol and be formatted appropriately based on the locale, i.e. in US $X.YZ and in France X,YZ€. Note that in the case of a subscription parent item, this value will be null. If you need more information, please log onto to DevPortal, and then submit a ContactUs form through the following URL: We will be able to provide you the full log and assist you further. Thanks
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