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Making Your App Available in the Amazon Appstore

Many developers find that creating a single app for submission to multiple Appstores reduces the burden of creating multiple binaries. The challenge is to create a ‘future’ proof logic that can be used to determine from what Appstore the app was installed from (API’s such as In App Purchasing require this). The approach of using the android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER or InstallerPackageName provides the best results. Simply checking to see if a specific Appstore client is installed or using a very narrow search string will often fail as updates are rolled out. We have detailed a couple best practices for this below: If your app is targeted specifically for Amazon devices only, a simple method would be to do a check for the device manufacturer. It will return ‘Amazon’ in all cases. Example: boolean isAmazonDevice = Build.MANUFACTURER.equalsIgnoreCase("amazon"); If your app is targeted for both Amazon and Non-Amazon devices in the Amazon Appstore, you can use the packageManager. The client will return one of several packageName’s, but all will have *.amazon.* as a standard string. Full Example: public boolean isAmazonDeviceOrFromAmazonStore() { boolean isAmazonDevice = build.MANUFACTURER.equalsIgnoreCase("amazon"); final Application application = getApplication(); String installerName = application.getPackageManager().getInstallerPackageName(application.getPackageName()); boolean fromAmazonStore = installerName != null && installerName.toLowerCase().contains(".amazon."); return isAmazonDevice || fromAmazonStore; }
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