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How do I submit multiple APKs for one app?

Hi, Is it possible to submit multiple APKs (or zip packages in case of web apps) for just one app in the amazon app store? The idea is that each one of these APKs would have optimizations specifically tailored for each device. For example, one would submit a "default" apk that serves as a "catch all" for all devices, then can also submit a specific apk for say "fire tv stick". And when fire tv stick users download the app, the store would give them the apk tailored for fire tv stick devices. Sort of like chrome give you the correct package depending on whether you visit the site on windows, mac or linux. The reason for this is the wide capability discrepancies among the fire devices. Namely the fire tv stick. 3d, hardware acceleration etc, are not supported on that device and so our team created an apk specially optimized for the stick. It works fine, but people who play the game on a fire hd tablet for the fire tv box edition will notice a slight quality improvement on those devices compared to the fire tv stick edition. Think of it as playing say Tekken 3 on a PSX vs playing it on an Arcade machine. [b]We thought of:[/b] 1) Adding both versions in one apk and decide which one to launch at run time. But the file size become ridiculous. 2) Publishing only the stick version, as it runs and lookd the same everywhere. But it isn't right that people who owns more capable devices have to deal will low, common denominator quality, while their device is capable of much more. 3) Ditching the stick. But that's not an option. There is just way more fire tv stick users, then say the box. 4) Publishing both, and select different target devices on the store. YES, [b]ALMOST[/b]. But on all the apks get listed next to one another... does not see that as 1 app... It sees multiple apps. That's horribly confusing for users. They see: Game Name, Game Name, Game Name... next to each other. Same app, same description for all. 5) Publishing both with different suffixes (e.g. Game Name, Game Name Stick). The problem is that we already have multiple distributions for the game. (paid, trial etc.) We would end up with just too many versions for the same app and confuse our users (Game Name, Game Name trial, Game Name stick, Game Name stick trial etc. all that for one game, really) What is a good way to deal with this issues? How are others doing it?
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Hi there, Thanks for posting! As you discussed, it is actually possible to target different devices with different binaries in the developer portal. I am not 100% on the process for web apps (if even supported), but in regards to apks, you should be able to find the relevant information here: In short, simply upload the different apks you have that target each device, and when it comes to uploading your final binary, create multiple versions under the binary tab in the developer portal and select the device it is appropirate for under device targeting. If web apps are not supported, you could then still throw your web app into a webview, and package that into an .apk, but obviously depends on the type of app that is being developed. You could even create a single .apk, and then have your app respond accordingly by letting it know which device it is running on. For example, if on Fire TV, you could include hi def graphics, but if on stick, lower def. I'd suggest checking out the build names for some of the Amazon devices if you choose this method and using them within your app accordingly (if applicable): For Fire TV: Kindle Devices: If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Hope this helps! Jamie
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