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Unity3d game performance issue/bug on SGX 544 - GPU crash?

Hey, got a fairly technical issue on a game for Kindle tablets made in Unity. Our game runs fine on almost all the devices we've tested it on, except for ones with a PowerVR SGX gpu. The specific device we're worried about is the Kindle Fire HD 7" (3rd Gen) (KFSOWI) (SGX 544) Symptoms: Game runs at 60fps, for about 30 seconds, then the framerate slowly decreases to ~1 fps, at which point, a single black frame is drawn, the framerate goes back to 60fps, and the same pattern repeats. (About every 40 seconds) Debugging: I've tried to do some debugging of the issue - using PVRTune, when the framerate drops, the SPM counter increases to 100% until the black frame happens, at which point it drops back to 0 and the fps goes back to 60. Theory: What I think is happening is the amount in the parameter buffer keeps increasing, until the gpu crashes, SGX hardware recovery kicks in, and the gpu restarts, emptying the buffer again? That assumption might be wrong, but anyway, any ideas as to how I'd fix this, or what might cause these symptoms? I'm not sure how / what would cause the parameter buffer to slowly increase over frames and overflow, tri counts etc aren't increasing, and this is only an issue on the SGX gpus. Any ideas?
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