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Weird output in invoking same Intent in two languages.

I am a beginner. Making the Codecademy skill in English(U.S) and English(India). In the service simulator, when I write "ask code academy", it invokes LaunchRequest in English(US). this is alright. But, it invokes IntentRequest ( my custom HelloIntent) when I switch to English(India).

Also, I have made another custom Intent: myfavouriteLanguageIntent. Writing "tell me my favourite language" returns "Python" in English(India). This is the desired output. But, it invokes, HelloIntent in English(U.S).

Basically, utterances are getting matched with their Intents in one language but not the in the other language. The Lambda function is the same. everything is same for both languages.

I understand that when Alexa isn't able to match utterances, it defaults to a particular intent(maybe one with a lot of sample utterances), in my case it defaults to HelloIntent. But, why is it behaving correctly in one language, and not in other?

Why is this happening, that too, for 2 different functions and that too, both ways? HELP.


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Are you testing this in the simulator? When you change languages, are you first ending the skill by entering 'stop' or 'quit'? Perhaps the session is remaining open when you try changing locales.

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