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How to verify signature from Authorization header?

I am working on Apps & Services and while verifying the Authorization header from Amazon requests,
I used Java SDK and the actual header and the computed header didn't match.

As the actual header contains "x-amz-dtaversion" but the computed header from SDk doesn't contain this. Please help.

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Hi Abhinav Mittal,

Have you Obtained an Access Token?

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Abhinav Mittal avatar image Abhinav Mittal Ross@Amazon ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Ross,

I haven't obtained an access token as it was not mentioned in the Amazon Instant Access Integration Guide (Subscriptions Saas). Do I need to have an access token for verifying the signature from Amazon requests as I am not publishing any APK application? And if it is needed, then where it will be used?

As I used credential store in JAVA SDK and used private and public keys given within my vendor profile and there is no option for the access token.

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