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The Selection Menu ("copy - select all - share") on the Kindle HDX

I have created an android app that is fully operational at the Google Play Store. In this app, when the user selects text in a TextView having the attribute android:textIsSelectable="true", the Contextual Action Bar (CAB) appears at the top of the screen, overlaying the regular ActionBar. In response to the text being selected in the TextView, the app presents my own set of clickable actions in the CAB and also captures users' clicks on these actions. This does not work on my Kindle Fire HDX 7. The CAB does not appear in response to a text selection on the TextView. Instead, with the Kindle Fire HDX, a small menu appears just above the selected text, bearing the clickable choices "Copy, Select all, Share". Does this "selection menu" have a name? Can I intercept it and give it different clickable choices? Can I capture user clicks on the choices? This mystery has stopped my Kindle app development cold. Two pieces of information: 1. Using an EditView instead of a TextView is not an option. 2. I have tried the technique put forth by Sujoy and nacnicnuc on 3/10/14 in the thread, "How to use contextual action mode on Kindle Fire HDX", which calls for using setOnLongClickListener() and startActionMode(). This technique does cause the Contextual ActionBar to appear at the top of the screen, but the small "selection menu" also simultaneously appears just above the selected text. I get two edit menus. The CAB and the "selection menu" also have to be dismissed separately. How does a programmer either: 1) grab this small "selection menu", substitute custom clickable actions, and capture user clicks on those actions - or, alternatively, 2) just suppress this small "selection menu" from appearing upon the event of text selection? (the TextView's android:textIsSelectable="true" attribute must remain, to allow the initiating text selection).
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Hi, There is no way to override that menu, it is a system action that cannot be overridden. The only option I can think of is implementing a fully custom textview. Thanks, Nick
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