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Is it possible to create an Amazon Alexa game with a multiplayer feature?

I'm trying to create an Amazon Alexa word game, but other than the tutorial games I don't have much experience with custom skills. I was wondering if it was possible to have a game with multiple players.

I haven't really seen any games with a multiplayer feature yet. If it is possible, what would be the best ways to implement it?

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There are multiple games with Alexa designed for multiple players. It depends on the game that you're trying to make. For example, you could give your users a turn each to answer next:

Player 1, you're up!
Player 2, your turn!

I'd check out the games section on the skill store. You've also got a few skills that work with Amazon Buttons to add a physical element to the skill experience.

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Thank you, I just saw this response. Sorry for not responding sooner.

Yes I've found several implementions, however, I'm developing my first "real" Alexa skill and haven't been able to find many resources regarding how to do this myself. My game is a multiplayer word game and am just starting to approach this functionality. Still drawing blanks. Thanks tho.

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Got a pretty useful guide over here!

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Hey @LifesAGame

Fellow Dev here. Dude or Dudette, this is a great idea!

Amazon's provided a lot of examples which you may need read up on, play with, and modify based on the concept of you game. You may even find that you have to build one completely from scratch using what you've learned.

Based on this tread I know the following:

  1. You want to build a multiplayer game.
  2. This multiplayer game is a word game.

A few questions I have (to begin with) are:

  1. Are the players both in the same room playing on the same Echo device?
  2. How would the players navigate the VUI (Voice User Interface, for example options, things you can say, things Alexa will say to respond to the player)
  3. Do you need to store player information? Score?
  4. What is the goal of this game? How do you win?
  5. What happens when you, quit, save, win?

Knowing these things will help you define what you need to learn or which tutorials to reference when you're building your game. Based on your answers you may need to investigate the following:

  1. How to connect remote or differentiate between players in the same room on one echo device.
  2. How would the two players navigate your Skill. What are the differences between player one and player two, etc. You may need learn and define all your intents for each player.
  3. If you are storing player info, or a score, you'll need to learn how to use sessions (players info will not persist) or databases (so you can store player information and retrieve their info the next time they log in).
  4. What goals or obstacles will you put in your game, do players work together or fight against each other?
  5. You many need learn how to reset the session, or save or delete what you stored.

It all really depends on what kind of game you're trying to build.

I don't think there are a lot of tutorials for custom games out there outside of what the Amazon Dev Team's provided from what I found (however I'm open to anyone with links or other tutorials).

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So sorry for the late reply and thank you for your response.

I've started looking at various examples and will continue to do so but in the meanwhile here are responses to your questions.

1. Yes, both players are in the same room.
2. Some navigation features I would like to add, giving players the option to choose number of players and potentially a hard or normal difficulty level.
3. It's not so much a score that I'd like to use but during each players turn, each player would have to respond with a word. Once that word has been used that word can't be used by any player or they would lose the game. I suppose there might be a need to have a variable store the number of rounds/turns each player survived but that would depend on the implementation.
4. The goal of the game is to outlast the rest of the players.
5. I'd like there to be a "play again?" option, maybe a "retire" option for players midgame, and potentially a high scores table.
Thank you again for your response. I apologize if the scope of the answers aren't precise enough. I'm still figuring things out. If you would like to DM me with any other questions I'd love your input.

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