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Why can my Tablet App be downloaded onto a Phone?

I recently uploaded an app designed for tablets. In the manifest, I restricted this app to Large and XLarge screens. However, I was able to download it on to my Nexus 4 phone. It looks terrible and is practically unusable on this size screen. I have this app on Google Play as well and I do not have this problem. Is there some other setting that I need to add, to restrict downloads to phone size screens?
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Hi Droidloft, Thank you for writing to us. If you would like to take advantage of the Device Targeting feature by building new APKs for the Fire HD and new Fire, you will still need to upload an appropriate APK for the Fire (1st Generation) and non-Amazon Android devices. If you only add APKs (binaries) for the new Amazon devices to your app update, you will no longer be supporting the other device types for your app—customers on Fire (1st Generation) and non-Amazon android devices will not be able to download your app in the store. Please be sure your updated APKs target all device types. You may use any combination of APKs to target any combination of device types. Example: 4 APKs for 4 device types (Kindle Fire, Fire HD, Original Fire, general android) 3 APKs for 4 device types 2 APKs for 4 device types 1 APK for 4 device types 1 APK for 2 device types Ect… Device Targeting currently allows for up to 4 individual APKs that can target non-Amazon Android devices, Original Fire, Fire, and Fire HD 7”. We will soon add the capability to add a 5th APK for Fire HD 8.9”. Please be mindful of versionCode and versionName requirements when building your APKs:
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