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Echo Plus (ZigBee) support ceiling fan with light kit ?

We are ceiling fan controller manufactory and make controllers supported Wink for Home Decorators Collection ceiling fan brands.

We got Echo Plus and try to pair our ZigBee receiver (HA1.2) directly without ‘Wink’ skill and hub, the echo plus cannot identify our receiver.

After our research and modify our firmware to simulate 'two' lights (Actually one fan and one light) devices on our receiver, the Echo Plus can only identify 'one' light from our receiver.

What should we do to develop our ceiling fan with light kit receiver connect with Echo Plus directly by ZigBee?

Our customers very interested on this project, thank you.

works with alexaecho plus
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As a long-time advanced Wink user, this Zigbee Home Decorator Collection Ceiling Fan Controller is my favorite Home Automation device hands down. It offers the most elegant solution to the often-asked question of how to implement smart control of ceiling fans and ceiling fan lights. This controller adds zigbee control of the fan (off, 4 speeds, plus random varying speed) and the fan's non-smart bulbs (on/off, dim). It can be coupled with the Home Decorator RF wall controller to permit a parallel path to control via a traditional wall-mounted switch.

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