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Sideloading Content to the Kindle Fire - Best Practices

We are looking at our various options for a QA workflow for our magazines to make sure they run well on the Fire. We are clear about how to get our custom app sideloaded to the Fire but we need some input and suggestions on how to best set up a workflow for our art/production teams to easily and readily get their developing magazine Folios on to the Fire for testing in their custom apps. They will need to cycle through such testing repeatedly before we release an issue to the store for sale and setting up a full Eclipse-based development environment for these creatives is not appropriate. Does anyone have any suggestions and best practices for us in sideloading issue content for review in our custom Kindle apps? Amazon has offered no help to us on this issue.
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Since the Kindle Fire is an Android device, any QA workflow you devise for Android Devices should work fine for Fire. The QA workflow for your app depends very heavily on your magazine software framework -- but the device itself should not be an issue. Many periodical vendors follow this workflow: 1. The app detects new content (the September Issue, for example) on the content server 2. The app interface allows the user/tester to download content 3. The app presents the content on the device This can all be done in a test environment, on any device your app is written for. In these cases the workflow is entirely dependent on your app and content delivery framework. There are third party vendors who will sell or license you software and services if you do not want to write them yourself. Many vendors choose this route, since the frameworks represent significant software effort. Hope this helps. Message was edited by: Steve@Amazon
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