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Amazon, we need some technical support, please get back to us asap, thanks

Hey there. We recently updated our game Pop The Fruit 2 to get support for developer select. Yet when we did an update May 4th we saw a MASSIVE drop in downloads. From about 450 per day, to about 120 per day. This drop happened within just 2 days. Here's a screenshot: This is extremely strange to see a drop this fast, this big, and is it will cause us financial difficulty if it continues this way. The game is also in the developer select period now and is only getting about 110 downloads per day. Hardly any increase compared to the pre-developer select period. We need to speak with someone technical at amazon who can take a look at our game, perhaps the manifest file or version number is causing problems. Maybe it's not available on some android devices, or perhaps there are too many permissions in the manifest from the earlier version to the new version. We really don't know but we need this feedback asap. I'd already sent a lengthy email to the support team but all we got back was 'your game is available on all devices' confirmation. We need to know more details than this so that we can support the game and the amazon app store together. Sujoy or any of the admins, please could you follow up with me directly so we can find a solution. We're working with the development team to resolve this asap. Thanks for the help Martin
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Hi Martin, The ADS program is about delivering 500K free impressions for the customer and our end goal is to help the developers acquire new customers through this program. But unfortunately, ADS does not guarantee downloads regardless of ad impressions. I have checked that your apk does not have any problem to be appeared or being discovered. I am sorry.
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