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Hey peeps, I've just released my first game Crackshot at $1.20 The thing is I've tested the game on Android, as the game is also available from the Google play store. But haven't yet tested the game on any Amazon devices as I am unable to get my hands on one. I was only going to publish the game to the IOS App Store which it is still in the review stage and Google play. But after some research I found out that it is really easy to publish to the Amazon store as well. Anyway to get to my question, I was wondering if you guys thought it would be a good idea to start off the game for free for say a week and head to this forum and let people know so I'm able to get some reviews on how the game plays on various devices? Do you think that would be a good idea? If after that week I updated the game and changed it back to $1.20 would the reviews remain? As you can probably tell I'm new to all of this so any advise would really be appreciated! Cheers
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You could follow below documentation and quickly do a smoke test of you app in a virtual Amazon device We would like to inform you that we do test all submitted apps in all available Amazon devices (in case respective developer selects Amazon devices as target for his app) and send them the detailed review results. If there is any issue specific to Amazon devices, we help the developers to resolve it through ContactUs channel. You can take advantage of Developer Promotions Console for dropping price of your app temporarily If you change the price for your app after the first submission, your app would retain all the reviews information since it's going to be same app. Also, We would encourage you to adopt newly introdced "Live App Testing" service to test your app in live environment
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