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Getting user reviews?

Hi, I've got a game that I've been working on for a while and is currently a Fire TV exclusive (temporarily, until I finish the full game and go for the Developer Select program). This has allowed me to test out the platform overall and so far I'm liking it. There is, however, one major flaw (or confusion) that I can't seem to explain: users are not able to review apps from their Fire TVs. In order to add a review, users must go to a web browser and navigate to the game/app's page. This adds an unnecessary level of work on their part, which is worrying when you consider just how critical app reviews are. This is even more bizarre when you consider that this is Amazon, pretty much the #1 source for reviews on the entire internet. I say this because I haven't been able to figure out a way to do it myself on any app on my AFTV. Either I'm right or the functionality is really hard to find. In my experience, a good portion of users will go out of their way to give an honest review if the app contains a non-intrusive and friendly message asking them to do so. This has had very positive results on my apps that are currently published on Google Play with high downloads and positive reviews. From a user experience perspective, I can understand how using a keyboard with a remote could be less than ideal. However, the AFTV remote has voice input, and you don't even need a keyboard to choose a 1-5 star rating. So why is this feature missing? Or am I just not finding it?
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Hi, Thanks for your feedback. You are correct in that users cannot review apps directly from their Fire TV, but have to review them from a compatible device with the storefront. I'll forward your feedback onto the appropriate team.
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