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Failed because of the 80% screen usage rule, but my game uses full sreen

Hello, I had previously posted this topic, but did it on the wrong forum (under Kindle Tablet). I just noticed my error and thought I'd move the post here. Here's the original post... And the link to Amazon's app store... Basically, my game, "Journey To The Core", is already approved and published for Kindle Tablets and I have added support for Fire TV controllers. but, I got rejected for FireTV because the game is not using more than 80% of the screen. It's an old-style top-down space shooter (like Galaga) where the view is tall and not wide. To make up for this, I've added 2D and 3D animated graphics on the side of the screen to fill the empty areas so that the whole screen is filled and is dynamic. For some reason, Amazon still failed me on with the 80% rule. I'd like for my customers to be able to play the same game (with the same look and feel) on both Fire Tablets and FireTV. Is there anything I can do to get approved for FireTV? Like I mentioned, controllers work great and the whole screen is used up with 2D and 3D graphics. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again, Chris Gripeos P.S. not sure why my user name in the forums is "Kindle Customer" and how to change it.
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Hi, I posted in your other thread, but we've now approved your app for Fire TVs with game controllers, and it should be live there soon. As for changing your display name on the forums, you can do that from>Your Account>Personalization>Your Public Profile. Once there, you should have your profile picture, and under that your display name. By clicking on edit next to your display name, you can change the name that displays here on the forums.
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