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Media Buttons failure Unity Fire TV

I keep getting the following failure during submission despite adding a comment identifying that the app is written in Unity, the bug even states that it can be ignored if using Unity but still it fails. What should I be doing to avoid the app failing with the following? Bug Description:App does not make use of Media Buttons for gameplay but still controls the Media Buttons (prevents Play/Pause input of music applications). Please Note: In media playback, the media buttons behave as expected. In non-media apps, the media buttons should not be used for some other function, as this may interfere with the system's ability to control media playing in the background. Note that If your app uses a framework such as Unity/Corona/Gideros, you may ignore this requirement , as the ability to pass key events through to the system is not supported in those frameworks Devices: Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV Stick
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Hi, In order to investigate this issue further we will need specific information about which app in your account is causing this problem. To protect the personal information of developers, we do not discuss the details of specific applications on these discussion forums. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us form ( ) while logged into your developer account. This will allow us to validate your identity and discuss app specific information in a context that will not expose your personal and proprietary information. Thanks, Nick
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