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HTML5 Video first image before plaback is black

We're developing HTML5 Web Apps playing videos using the WebApp SDK. Playing videos from a playlist usually creates two video elements. The first one is the current playback video the second one should start seamlessly after the first one finished or skipped. The problem is, that the second video's first image is a black one on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It's not on a Chrome Browser. who is playing the next video just fine over the first one. The result is a short black screen between the clips on Fire TV devices and also on Amazon tablets as far as we have tested. To have the clips beeing played back seamlessly we have added an opacity based transition option, so that the following clip starts playing just a few seconds before the first will end and then fades from opacity 0 to 1 til the end of the first one. This works basically but plays back a bit choppy on Fire TV, probably due to lack of performace. Again this plays very well on PC and Chrome browsers. Question is, if there is a workaround for the black screen issue.
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