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Alexa - Facebook Messenger Account Linking

Our platform manages the Facebook Messenger communications for our client.

Each brand we work with has its own Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger account, and we build an app-like experience under its Facebook Messenger account - leveraging bots technology.

We want to give users the ability to enjoy the same type of experiences with Alexa, so we need to link between their Alexa account and their unique Facebook Messenger ID for each user under each brand.

We are implementing the implicit account linking the flow, this how it has to work:

  1. Alexa user clicks on the account linking card.
  2. Alexa opens our explanation page, with a login button.
  3. Clicking the login button will redirect the user to a conversation with our bot under the brand's Facebook Page.
  4. During this conversation, the user will be prompt to approve to share his details with Alexa
  5. Once the user agrees, we will generate an access token,
  6. This access token will be set through a WebSocket to the page Alexa opened.
  7. The page will redirect to the redirect_uri with the required details.

Few questions:

  1. According to Alexa docs - popups are not allowed, but the Messenger app will be opened automatically if it is installed on the phone.
    There is no other way to make this account linking.
    Is this permitted?
  2. Do we have to stay in the Alexa webview in order to have a successful account linking?


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Hi Asaf,

Thanks for posting.

As long as landing page that users are directed to when enabling your skill are owned by the developer you can use that for account linking.

Please check here for requirements detail.

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