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smarthome > CameraStreamController > expirationTime is not working


I need your help.

We are in the process of developing "smart home skills" to stream video through "Echo Show".

The video plays well.

However, I would like to automatically stop playback on an "ehco show" after a certain amount of time.

The response to a request for "Alexa.CameraStreamController" is:

    "event": {
        "payload": {
            "cameraStreams": [
                    "protocol": "RTSP",
                    "expirationTime": "2018-02-23T09:58:32.29Z",
                    "authorizationType": "NONE",
                    "idleTimeoutSeconds": 30,
                    "audioCodec": "G711",
                    "uri": "rtsp://streamurl",
                    "resolution": {
                        "width": 1280,
                        "height": 720
                    "videoCodec": "H264"
        "header": {
            "payloadVersion": "3",
            "namespace": "Alexa.CameraStreamController",
            "name": "Response",
            "messageId": "......",
            "correlationToken": "........"

I have determined that "expirationTime" is the end time of the video.However, streaming continues to play even after the time has elapsed!"expirationTime" was setted in UTC time as required by "".

The description of "expirationTime" is :

A date in ISO 8601 format indicating the expiration time of the stream. Should be specified in UTC.

please. help me.

I am waiting for your help.Thank you. Have a nice day :)

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Are you still seeing this issue?

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I am facing this issue. The stream never expires even if the expiration time is specified in the response.

{ "event":{ "header":{






"payload":{ "cameraStreams":[


"uri":"rtsp stream uri",














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Hello and thank you for your message.

I understand that you have also created a case using our Contact Us page and that a colleague has already replied to you.

Once a solution is found, please share it here for the rest of the community.


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