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I have a question, I have a skill right now, I'm just wonder if I can put a child of a child in alexa?

this is the whole code.

/** I basically want this dialogue.....


Alexa open Talia......
What are my rejection's = what are my {rejectionTitle}
ok  here are your rejections ......
which one would you want to here....
**/ // so How do we do this?
"RejectionIntent": {
          "rejection 1": "Ask for to work in Pizza hut  and gut turn down. Maybe.",
          "rejection 2": "Ask to do a marketing campaing for a Massage  Therapist, They said NO wooh!",
          "rejection 3": "You Call jeff and got Rejected quote and quote, I'm already doing my own Facebook marketing why should I need you? coma,  what you learn kevin is not all people Kevin need you and you shouldn't like what Jesus said, Help the people that want's to be Help, you don't need help everyone just help one people at a time One random ack of Kindness."

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