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A seller on is selling 4 of my Merch shirts.

I went looking at other amazon locations today from curiosity because one of my current shirts has a very low bsr number, yet I have not sold that shirt since August 2017.

Upon searching I found 4 of my exact shirts (not the one mentioned above) being sold by a large seller on

I have used the copyright form in the past but it's been a while. Would I use the same form for this matter since these shirts are on

I not only want the shirt taken down, I want to be reimbursed for the profits that seller has made on my shirts. These shirts are not p4p, they are the exact shirt and listing of what is on

I would like to speak to the fraud dept, and make sure this seller is investigated.

Thank you!


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Good luck Annie, I feel that any kind of copying of others original ideas is outright theft, I don't understand why the major POD co's and the big shot marketers allow it and in case of the 'gurus' , they actually encourage it, we are a devolving society. Best luck.

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