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Spaceboard Suspended asked

Guy's can I create a code where I can grab an object which is inside a multiple

Basically I want to create a skill where when I ask Alexa,

"Alexa what are my positivity" //solution "Alexa what are my rejections"//solution "positivity":[ "string" //randomize ]; "rejections": {

"rejection 1":"got turn down in working as a pizza hut delivery " " rejection 2":" got turn down for proposing a marketing campaign for a massage therapist" etc.... }

Now my question I'm just starting out in alexa Do I need to create a new session for rejections? example: (OnsessionStarted) Alexa open tailia... Give me One randomize positivity today(still going to work on my deliver on this.. anyway ) dot dot dot..

what are my rejection's "Ok here are your rejection's .......// the code will randomize 3 string's and tell it.... "What do you want to do now ? (help intent) "you could say Tailia get me my rejection 1 or what is my rejection 1"

My question is should it be a new session ? or maybe I'm thinking about it really complicatedly because I think I could use

response.tell(threestrings)// if threestrings= Threestrings;
 function Threestrings(....){var ran= Math...... then;for(.....){}}return ran; 

That's basically the concept now just scratching my own itch for now

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1 Answer

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Jamie Grossman answered

You could either end the session after responding to the user, or keep it open and ask them if there is anything else that they wanted like you have done above. Your choice!

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