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I am building a Fire Tablet app and want to launch Kindle Reader from within my app as an intent

I am building a custom app for Fire Tablet (latest generation) and wish to open local Kindle Reader documents (not books) stored in Android assets. The files are .prc types created by using the Send to Kindle pc application. Fire appears to store these files in /mnt/sdcard/documents

The Kindle Reader app (preloaded on Fire) appears to be registered in /data/app/

It should be possible (using an intent) to launch a Kindle Reader new activity, passing the local file uri into the activity, but I can find no documentation on the subject and am struggling to get it to work. Before investigating other solutions such as epub.js or readium.js in a WebView, I would like to have the app use the native Kindle Reader. Is there example code anywhere which achieves this?


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Hi wtnh,

No, there are no examples for this, because the Kindle Reader does not have any public APIs, and is not supposed to be invoked via 3rd party apps. Thanks!

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Thanks for your answer. But there is information that sharing intent can be used by third-party apps. Here is a Amazon Send To Kindle. I've checked that Adobe Reader has function to send file to Send To Kindle and this functionality works on Android < 7.0. For android >=7.0 Kindle app for android crashes when it get send to cloud intent (My post about that crash on Send To Kindle).

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Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your comment. You are correct that a Send To Kindle feature exists. What I was saying earlier, is that it's not some sort of public API to be used by 3rd party developers, or build on top of it. It's outside of scope of the support that we provide on this forum. We can only help you with the official APIs and SDKs found here: -- Thanks!

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