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Why am I getting NO fill on Test Ads and Production Ads

Our fill rate has fallen to less than 5% on our live apps and we are having problems getting test ads to display. This occurs for us as well using our ad ids in test mode directly in your test app, further it occurs using the test ad id. I don't understand why test ads should have less than 100% fill rate since there should be no issue serving them. Please reply, we have temporarily disabled Amazon fill on our biggest app (US only) as the unfilled requests are getting out of hand and affecting user bandwidth.

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Is the issue with test ads still occurring? Recent changes have been made to the test ads campaigns.

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Yes the issue is still occurring, except the sample id now correctly displays test ads every time. However our ad ids in the same code do not they still fail to return test ads at all. This is the same for all id on our account. Could there be an issue with our account in particular?

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This issue should now be resolved.

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