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Skill utterance that starts "play..." incorrectly triggers music playback from Spotify/Amazon Music

I have a podcast skill with a PlayLatestSermon intent which is defined as

    "name": "PlayLatestSermon",
    "samples": [
        "to play the latest sermon",
        "for the latest sermon",
        "to play the Sunday sermon",
        "to play the podcast",
        "for the last sermon",
        "for the sunday sermon",
        "for the podcast",
        "to play",
        "play the latest sermon"
    "slots": []

This works fine when I invoke my skill via "Alexa, ask <invocation name> for the latest sermon". While the skill is playing the stream, if I say "Alexa, play the latest sermon" it triggers music playback via Spotify or Amazon Music.

Is there a way I can avoid the collision with music streaming service while my skill is in use? I've rebuilt the model and made sure that it's saved and updated.

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Are you keeping the session open after your skill responds?

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