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Skill Builder Issue Update- Issue using more 15 slots using AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME

**Since discovery that it was related to AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME, I'm revising entire post. Please see revisions for original if interested.

Background: I'm writing a skill which is using Skill Builder along with dialog directives to gather information on a user. So far I have two intents utilizing slots and between the two of them 25 slots which are filled using "elicitSlot".

Issue (UPDATED): Everything works beautifully, until I make my 16th slot utilizing the AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME slot type. With only 15 slots using AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME I can run through my entire skill without so much as a hiccup. Once I create my 16th slot though however, the skill starts misbehaving. What I mean by misbehaving is one of the following:

  1. Elicited slots wont get populated so that its asked for again due to the logic of the script or the reprompt, need to check. If I answer the request to fill the slot again, the skill simply stops.
  2. Giving a name to populate an Elicited slot will just make the skill end.
  3. Previously filled slots in the dialog order come back up, as in the first being asked again after the 5th question. According to the logic of my script, that happens because "intentObj.slots.focusName.value" no longer has a value at all, where it did in order for questions 2 through 5 to be asked. I have no idea where it went...

    Troubleshooting (UPDATED): With 15 slots created using AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME everything is fine. Testing was as follows:

    - Added 16th slot using AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME with name 'siblingFive'. Misbehavior listed above occurs.

    - Changed 'siblingFive' to slot type to AMAZON.Number and skill runs as intended.

    - To rule out naming, I created I removed 'slingFive' and created 'testSlot' and set it AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME at which time the skill misbehaves.

    Plea: Does anyone know of a built in limitation to using AMAZON slots like the one above? If so, is there a way around it? Thanks for reading!

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    Additional Information. If the skill is run from the Beta Skill Tester, it goes through without an issue. Its only exhibiting this behaviour from echo dot.

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