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SmartHome Entertainment problem with "Alexa.PlaybackController"

I have some issues with the Alexa.PlaybackController, this is a little piece of the discovery response.

"friendlyName": "Roku",
"capabilities": [{
"version": "3",
"type": "AlexaInterface",
"supportedOperations": ["Play", "Pause", "Stop"],
"retrievable": false,
"interface": "Alexa.PlaybackController",
"proactivelyReported": false
"endpointId": "5a4aa66907c02c576c38278f",
"manufacturerName": "remotsy",
"description": "Remotsy Control",
"displayCategories": ["OTHER"],
"cookie": {
"extraDetail1": "isrokudevice"

I got very confused responses from Alexa, for example

Alexa stop roku, Alexa response I can't find the device or group name roku.....

Alexa play roku, Alexa response playing Rock music, or sometimes the same message, I can't find the device or group name roku...

etc etc.

Other devices with more interfaces, like Alexa.PowerController and Alexa.PlaybackController works a lot better.

So not sure if the name Roku is banned, or is a problem that I'm using only the Alexa.PlaybackController

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I'm also having problems with Alexa.PlaybackController, but for me it's a problem discovering the Controller. I get schema error every time. Some help would be hugely appreciated!

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