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What is the difference between alexa voice service and alexa smart home api ?

I want to make something for activity recognition of user. Say the user lies down on his bed, then alexa says you seem to be falling asleep, do you want me to wake you up?". "yes, 6 hours from now". Sets alarm. I have a vague overview of what I may do.
  • Microsoft Kinect camera mounted on a corner of the wall.
  • It is connected to an RaspberryPi which is in turn connected to Alexa.
But the issue is I have only made custom skills till now, and have no idea about avs or smart home, and where does Alexa enter in my task. And what should I learn in order to implement what I want to achieve with Alexa. Can anyone help me with this?
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I imagine the flow would be something like this:

  1. Kinect detects an event you are looking for and notifies your cloud
  2. Your cloud notifies your Alexa Skill
  3. Your Alexa Skill generates a directive and sends it to your Alexa enabled device (for example, an Echo or a Raspberry Pi implementing AVS)

In order for an endpoint to talk to Alexa, the endpoint needs to implements AVS. AVS is the voice interface between your endpoint and Alexa. On the other hand, your application logic lives in a skill.

If the endpoint you are using is an Echo, you do not need to implement AVS. But in any case, you still need a skill to handle your application logic.

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How can I make my endpoint to talk to Alexa, considering since I will be falling asleep I won't be able to say the wake word Alexa, to the endpoint which would be an Echo. How would the skill be triggered from my side. Is there a way to trigger the skill automatically?

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