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Re-certification fail

I succeeded first certification on November 3, 2017.

After a little modification of the interaction model, I submit to re-certification on December 21, 2017.

Re-certification failed, and a answer came.

But I do not understand the answer, so I post this question.

The answer is:

The skill must deliver a link account card to the Home section when launched by users who have not yet linked an account.

Additionally, the skill must inform users that the link account card was delivered to home section and to complete the functionality they should complete account linking.

Steps To Reproduce:

User: "Alexa, launch miro"

Skill: "With the Miro humidifier skill, you can turn on your humidifier to the desired high, medium, low setting, and turn the nightlight on or off. The Miro humidifier skill allows for remote voice-control of your humidifier."

Please refer to test case 3.4 in the Functional Testing section of the Submission Checklist for more information.

The skill is not consistently launching when attempting various supported launch phrases.

This issue is likely resulting from (invocation name issue(s) identified).

Steps To Reproduce:

User: "Alexa, ask Miro to turn on the humidifier"

Please note that the skill's request fails to reach the end point.

Please see our documentation on creating an invocation name for your skill that will work to consistently launch the skill.

Additionally please refer to our documentation on the voice interface for creating the best user experience.

My skill's invocation name is 'miro'.

When LaunchRequest comes to an endpoint, it returns a brief introduction.

also succeeded to first certification with this case.

However, one of the reasons for this re-certification failure is that when user say "launch miro", I have not processed the link account.

Currently, my skills do not need to be link to account because only a brief introduction is shown when launching.

Intent that need to be linked account will send a link account card to the home section with a message stating that an account link is required.

I am looking again at the Test case 3.4 section of Functional Testing in the Submission Checklist document to see if the policy of the account linking has changed.

But intent that do not need to be linked account in the document are still instructed to works correctly.

And another reason for this re-certification failure is that the skill has not reached at the endpoint.(Currently my endpoint is a lambda function.)

The solution suggested in the answer is to refer to the documentation to create a invocation name.

But I know that the invocation name of the skill that succeeded in first certification is not changeable. (As a result of direct examination, it is impossible to changed.)

In addition, when I test the text directly on the Alexa console, I can see that the invocation name does not reach the endpoint when it is 'Miro', and it reach at the endpoint when it is 'miro'.

This is the skill that has already been successfully first certified, so I do not know how to fix it if it fails.

I Ask for advice or help with these issues.

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Andy Whitworth answered

I image the account linking failure is down to the certification team expecting your skill to somehow identify the user and verify that they have access to the humidifier and create a link between the two. Otherwise, if I enable the skill and have a humidifier, how is the skill going to control my dehumidifier ?

How does it know which IP address/port my humidifier is on etc ?

Is the skill only intended for your own use, to control just your humidifier ? If so then don't bother with certification, just leave it in development and then only you can access it.

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Thank you for your reply. The skill kit that we implement works with a separate application. With that application, user account and the humidifier are managed. Our skill kit on Alexa interacts with the account to control the humidifier which is owned and registered to someone who has user account in our application.

As a result, information such as IP address / port is based on AWS and has already implemented backend service.

By this reason, skill certification and account link process are required.

I have also provided a testing instruction, but I have written a forum post for a more detailed answer on why the fail is happening.

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Harper answered

Great points @AndyW. @miro, for privacy reasons, can you please raise a Contact Us case with your skill's name and ID, and request the same? You can include the forum link there as well. Once received, we can investigate what happened with your skill's testing and clarify the feedback for you.

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