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Complicated Question - 1 Amazon Prime acct. & 2 Alexa Show units in 2 locations - 1 phone, 1 tablet

I purchased 2 Alexa show units. 1 unit for me and I have a Prime account and the app on my Android - Note 5 cell phone. The other unit is for my father - he is in assisted living facility since his stroke, he has use of his right side only, his cell phone bit the dust a while ago and didn't see a need to replace it since he struggled so much to hold it and dial it with one hand. He does have a tablet...Samsung Galaxy Model SM-T230NU and he's running Android version 4.4.2 - doesn't seem to upgrade any farther. I can't find an app on the tablet to get the unit to talk to? Can I use this tablet for his Alexa Show app - does he even need to have one if I set up his skills with my phone? I realize that he won't be able to add any skills unless I'm there with my phone ... is this a thing - that's doable? That's 1 part of my question ...

2nd part - Amazon account - if I add him as a member (I don't have anyone else registered on my Prime account, just me) can he use my Prime account on his Alexa show? We are 50 miles apart remember. If he can - can we both use it at the same time... or is that where I'll run into issues? If we both can use it - it would be best ... if I can put things into folders for him to look at ...? Or can I not do this? Probably not. Be good if I could. I don't care if my Dad is in my Prime Account (as long as the voice ordering is off! lol) and I can work around the issue of we both can't be on at the same time - except I got these units so that I could see and talk to him - video calling basically. With a little verbal help to keep him updated on the world. If we're both using my Prime account - is would be like drop in if he's in the other room, right? Or am I wrong. I'm so confused.

So my conclusion is this - that I'll have to pay for and get my dad his own Prime account and probably go buy a prepaid cell phone to download the app - because I'm certain that I'm not going to leave Verizon tomorrow with a phone in my hand without paying a penny. My dads cell phone is a Note 3 - or Note 2? It's old. They will pressure a sale, tell me they can't fix it, blah blah blah blah ... and I won't leave tomorrow with a phone in hand for free - so - prepaid phone... which I know nothing about. Will this work? I hate dealing with Verizon and I don't have half a day to spend in there tomorrow. I need a quick solution.

Then ... if I go the prepaid phone route - which I know nothing about - there's limited minutes or data or both ... how much would I need and how often would that phone be utilized? If I get Verizon service phone - can I put his old SIM card into that prepaid phone? I really have no idea here. Just punching the air at this point. I'm thinking he would only use the phone when accessing and adding apps? Or can that be done from the Alexa Show itself? If so - why does it need a cell phone. I'm so confused.

Can anyone help me???? Please?? I keep asking Alexa and man sakes - she needs some schooling!!! lol

and First there was YouTube, then it was gone. Then it came back - and now it appears like it's gone again ... is this true? Or is Alexa calling it something other than YouTube? I need help with that too .... please!! Anyone!!??

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These are some great questions, but for questions related to end user experience with Amazon Alexa or other parts of Amazon user experience, please direct your inquiries to Customer Service. Thanks!

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