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Change the Name from Alexa to Echo or ??

Alexa was an already established although somewhat unique name of females way before the introduction of the Amazon Echo and its wake word. In certain circles, it's a fairly popular name. Any developer claiming that he came up with the name Alexa based on Alexander implying that he never heard of the name Alexandra for a female being around for centuries and that Alexa was based on that name is ignorant or deceitful. Cortana and Siri are names you haven't heard of outside of the devices with which they're associated, but the name of Alexa once associated with a unique and pretty name for a female is now associated with a robot and wake word. It's a nuisance and source of emotional distress, mocking, and trauma for anyone who goes by the name Alexa. I'm suggesting an update in firmware, advertising, marketing and promotional materials to update the name from Alexa to Echo by default and allowing owners of devices to choose a name for the wake word/asst if they don't want to use Echo.

I see it as blatantly irresponsible and reckless that there was no search given to the name to know that it was an already established name for females way before the Amazon Echo and Fire were introduced. It seems as if the developer or creator of the name had given more thought to words already used in language that could be a conflict with the wake word than how the wake word could create havoc for humans by the same name.

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