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I wish I could look around some....

I try to look at the Merch by Amazon forum just to see what's going on, what kinds of problems are cropping up, and what I might want to avoid. Every time I read a post by someone, I sure wish I could just click on their name and Merch by Amazon would display for me images of all of their TShirts with the description wording for each TShirt listed beside the image of the TShirt. Then I could look at their TShirt or TShirts and their wordings and just get a better feeling for what they did that started whatever it was that they were talking about on the Forum. It would be acceptable to me if Amazon put some limitations on this by setting it so that only someone who is logged in to Merch by Amazon and has TShirts available for sale via Merch by Amazon could do this looking around maneuver.

And on the topic of "lookin' around," I would love to be able to just explore Merch by Amazon's TShirts stuff. I suggest calling this idea a "sub space" under the Merch by Amazon space listing in the same manner as "Merch Feature Request" is a sub-space of Merch by Amazon. I would name this sub-space "TShirt Viewing Area." I would set it up so that only those who actively have TShirts for sale on Merch by Amazon and are also logged in would be able to enter this "TShirt Viewing Area." I would display the area like the conventions of Google Earth (in that it would start out with a "zoomed-out" quality and users could "zoom-in" to get more detailed information). The initial display would be a square where the vertical scale tracks total number of all the TShirts an individual person has sold as a Merch by Amazon seller (very low sales at the bottom, max sales at the top) and the horizontal scale tracks the total number of how many months a person has been a TShirt seller on Merch by Amazon, that is new sellers (very few months) on the left, and old sellers (lots of months) on the right. The initial square would be a uniform pleasant light yellow color and when one put the cursor somewhere in the square and clicked then the square would change to a square full of yellow dots. And when one clicked on one of the dots, it would change to a display of the icons of individual TShirt sellers who are in that location of this overall display (the values of the axes would be displayed). Then if one clicked on a specific icon, then it would show all the TShirts and the description wording for each of these TShirts of that particular person as I described above. Net effect..... one could just scroll around inside the T's of Merch by Amazon looking at what's been selling a lot, what was the going image, and what's the new images that are in play, what kinds of images sell a lot and what kinds don't, what's being done by the "Old Ones" of Merch by Amazon, and what's up with the "New Folks."

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You can look around, it's called "Searching Amazon".

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In reply to rickko's comment,

I navigate to the Amazon sales site.

I go to the Amazon search bar and enter the word rickko..... here's the result.

(note: I put the actual words from Amazon in bold type)

Your search "rickko" did not match any products.

Did you mean: ricko

and I did the same with the phrase P Gray, got 20 pages back, I checked the first 10 pages, none of my TShirts there.

Maybe there's some method to get Amazon to look up products based on

a person's Merch by Amazon icon, but I haven't found it yet.

Besides, even if that would work, it's just a lot of work. I would prefer that while I am reading a Merch by Amazon post on the Merch by Amazon forum, I can read about whatever the person is talking about (on the topic of their TShirts), and then I could just click on their icon and see the TShirts and wording that precipitated their comments. pg

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Personally, I agree that a "Made by Merch" would be a good idea because I prefer to support fellow artists and entrepreneurs. I'd rather buy from a Merch maker than a random seller.

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