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Ability to Establish "Collections" (or sub-categories of designs) within Your Brand

I'd love to see Merch add the ability for content creators to establish "collections" or sub-categories for their designs within a single brand. This feature would benefit both content creators and Amazon's customers, as it would bring some much needed order and structure to a brand's (often unwieldy) catalog of designs. With collections, customers could browse a brand more intelligently - focusing only on the topics / collections that interest them, without having to wade through everything in brand's entire catalog. Also, this feature would allow designers another way to put their best foot forward by actively curating their designs into collections they think may be of real interest to customers. With collections, I believe customers will stay on brand's page longer - as they browse the various collections they find interesting. This, in turn, raises the likelihood of the customer spending more money. So, basically, I see this as a win-win for content creators and Merch by Amazon. For an example of another print-on-demand site currently doing this, see the Teepublic site, which allows content creators to curate their designs into "albums" (themed collections) - great concept!

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