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'Tinder' for Amazon Deliveries

I was thinking of a way to improve the efficiency of your logistics and reduce the carbon footprint of your deliveries. Both of these topics are of great interest to me. I was ordering a book from Amazon to be delivered to my office as millions of people do across the planet from Monday to Friday. When leaving the office building one day, I saw a postman arrive with an amazon delivery. I approached her as I thought it was for me but it was for someone else in the building. It made me think: what if there was a service provided by Amazon that allowed people to see who in their vicinity is also ordering something from Amazon - if the pairing was made then they could combine the orders (with regard to delivery, not payment) and then this would make it easier on your end to be more efficient regarding deliveries.

There are two issues that can be overcome - 1. the package may need to be delivered to one person so there's an element of trust but, considering that Amazon know the second party, it would be certain that all orders would be delivered. This also adds a nice social element as I may need to venture to an unknown floor of my building to meet someone I don't know to give them their book. 2. Privacy. I would know what the person ordered. I imagine that 9/10 this would not be an issue and for that other 1 time, the user could choose not to group shipments with people close by.

I think this could help reduce your carbon footprint while adding a social element to your services. All of the necessary tech exists so it would just be an easy app developed and some marketing spending!

I hope this message reaches the right pair of eyes :)

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Noah commented

Why would Amazon want to throw an unknown element into the process? Incredibly unsafe for the buyer, for Amazon, creates some legal issues with who "owns" the package at any given point, opens Amazon up for less reliability, and responsibility if whomever they deliver it to fails to deliver it to you, higher costs to replace lost/stolen packages, privacy issues where someone could easily scan/weigh/open your package before delivering it to you, etc. People already get their packages stolen off their porches everyday, are we really gonna start hand delivering other people's mail to them so they can somehow "go missing"?

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