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Incorporate All-Over-Printing (Dye-Sublimation) Capability


May I suggest that Amazon Merch Incorporate the ability to design made-to-order dye-sublimation, or all-over-printing designs which enables print and design t-shirts of any colors across the entirety of a product. I can’t seem to do that through Amazon, at the moment. The upload system only allows one image at a time and places it at, a predefined place, the center of the shirt. I can't even resize the images, let alone adjust their positions. This is very limiting for a designer. I would like to be able to extend the design to the entirety of the shirt’s physical area and be able to move it around or resize it according to what I think is the best fit. In addition to this, I would prefer the ability to upload multiple images for me to use within one T-Shirt. Let's say that I want to use a particular background. I would like to be able to choose whether it wraps around the entire area of the shirt or just the front or the back independently. I would prefer to have that choice. After the background is in place then I'd like to be able to add individual images to fill up the background, if I so choose. I'm able to this this at Teespring up to a certain extent.

If this idea is implemented then maybe a new search category should be created for the All-Over-Print Designs.

If you need a visual aid regarding Dye-Sublimation (all-over-printing designs) please check out some designs that I've started to create at my page:

Thanks, Mark B

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