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Frustrating Glitch in the Create Tab


Currently, my slots are maxed out and patiently waiting to tier up any time now.

However, I am still designing & uploading during this waiting period, and one by one deleting previously uploaded designs that haven't sold yet (if I don't think they are as strong as the new designs). I really don't want to delete anything because it can take months sometimes for something to start selling.. but this is not important for this thread...


Since I don't want to delete too many previously upload designs, I delete them carefully 1by1.

I just now opened the create tab to upload a new design, but I only had 1 free slot available.

I started the process of filling everything out before I decided I wanted to put that design on 3 products and not 1.

I opened the manage page in a new tab, carefully selected a few older listings to delete, completed that process and went back to the already in progress create tab.

Now, after finishing filling out all the product details and selecting the 2 other products I wanted to include, I tried to publish, only that option is not available as the page still says I have only 1 slot available (even though I deleted several and have about 9 open now)

I tried deselecting products until only 1 was selected. Then reselecting everything. Still, there was NO UPDATE to my available slots on that page.

THE REAL PROBLEM. I will have to open a new create tab and start the process of filling everything out all over again. Which is frustrating and time-consuming.

There should be a way to override this or refresh the page without losing all the work put into it.

ALSO.... WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR UPLOAD INFORMATION ON THE MANAGE PAGE ABOUT AVAILABLE SLOTS and DAILY UPLOAD LIMIT... ?!?!?! why was that info removed on the most valuable page it needed to be on?!

Thank you.

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