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Manage Tab - 10K Product Limitation - Export Product List

As you know, the manage tab on Merch by Amazon is limited to showing only the latest 10,000 products. As more and more content creators hit this tier and beyond, this is an issue that is getting to a real problem and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why it is such a difficult fix?

It would seem to me, if I were running Merch by Amazon, that I would want my most successful sellers (the people that have been tiered up well beyond 10K) to be able to manage their business efficiently. As things stand right now, I can see 66% of my products in the manage tab. The products I can't see are products listed in 2015-2016-2017 that have previously sold - products that aren't fresh in my mind. I'd like to be able to better manage the price and keywords of these listings to keep them fresh and in a good price sweet spot, but I'm unable to jog my memory. I could use the sales reports to do that, but then I've got to dump it to excel and aggregate 4 years of reports, 90 days at a time (another frustrating limitation), then have an open manage tab where i can search the titles, one by one. It is incredibly inefficient.

My suggestion is this, either:

a.) Take the limit off of the manage tab and allow everyone to see ALL of their product listings.


b.) Add an export feature that will give content creators an opportunity to export their listings, in much the same format as the sales reports, to a .csv or.xls file. Include title, price, parent asin, and an edit link. This would allow the content creators to create their own product management systems.

Having access to a full listing of parent ASIN's - coupled with the sales reports, would allow someone with a sliver of excel knowledge to create a pretty robust product management solution and would lead to greater efficiency. This would give the content creators a better experience which would, ultimately, lead to a better experience for the Amazon shoppers.

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